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CSIR: Vacation Work

CSIR: Vacation Work

Closing date: 22 November 2013 (November/December/January positions)
Job ID: 303402
There are positions for second-, third- and fourth-year students to perform Vacation Work in November/December 2013 and January 2014 for a minimum of 6-8 weeks at the CSIR in the following fields:
  • Polymers and Composites (2 positions)
Students will be working on a research project with special attention on Smart Polymers. The projects include:
  • Water treatment using nanomaterials focusing on batch testing of absorbents for removal of anions from water for which the candidates should preferably be a chemical engineering or chemistry/polymer chemistry students.
  • Rapid bacteria-detection using fluorescent nanoparticles and flow cytometry as the detection method for which microbiology or biochemistry or physiology students will be considered.
Some prior knowledge in the specific areas above will be advantageous, but not necessary.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
  • Currently enrolled or recently graduated students in chemical engineering, chemistry, polymer chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry or physiology seeking experiential learning.
  • Communication and presentation skills.
  • Problem-solving and solution-seeking orientation.
  • A goal-oriented approach.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in teams.
  • Computer literacy.
How to Apply:


> Click HERE to Apply: CSIR: Vacation Work

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